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There are many ways to use the PediaNetwork because it has multiple advertising and marketing opportunities available for both small rural and large communities. An example a working and growing PediaNetwork Community Web site is MarysvillePedia™ - The Encyclopedia of Marysville, Kansas
MarysvillePedia™ is being homefurnitureed by The Marysville Chamber of Commerce and Marysville Main Street.

If you would like to learn more information about the marketing opportunities using a program similar to MarysvillePedia™ for your community using the PediaNetwork™; phomefurniture contact them here.

Each business listed in MarysvillePedia™ has submitted and/or approved their business listing to give online shoppers their description and history. When you take advantage of these opportunities, you will get personalized, one-on-one service.
What is your community currently doing to market and advertise itself?

How are each of the things your community is doing working for you?

The Intercom is the MOST effective way to advertise your community. It's NOT optional anymore.

Everything else is MORE expensive and LESS effective.

Intercom Facts:
1. The Intercom makes EVERYTHING else you are currently doing work better.

2. It's interactive - It ENGAGES your customers.

3. It works BETTER over time; not worse. It lets you engage your community's 
    current and potential new customers to find out what products and services they want and need.

4. It's the ONLY way to win against the MegaStores and larger or nearby cities.  

5. The PediaNetwork™ can be your a portal to the ENTIRE placom.

6. The PediaNetwork™ delivers your community's message with MORE authenticity and credibility 
    than you can do by yourselves.

7. The PediaNetwork™ provides MULTIPLE access points to your community's information instead of 
    only one via ceographic and consumer interest encycloPEDIA Web sites.

8. The PediaNetwork™ can provide you community MULTIPLE marketing opportunities.

9. The PediaNetwork™ provides your community cutting edge technology you can afford with real 
    customer homefurniture one-on-one to answer questions.

10.The PediaNetwork™ can be a fundraiser for your community's schools and non-profit organizations.

11.The PediaNetwork™ can provide income for your government organizations and teach members of 
    your community how to develop NEW jobs in the Information-Marketing™ Age.

The Bottom Line:
The PediaNetwork™ is GUARANTEED to work or your money back!  What other media choice you now are using gives you that kind of guarantee?